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Project Fighting Chance

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"Project Fighting Chance works to find the best in you, we refine your strengths and challenge your weakness to make you a better athlete and an even better human being."  Ian Franklin, CEO 

Although nationally acclaimed and recognized for its accomplished championship amateur boxing program, Project Fighting Chance, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in San Bernardino, CA is also well known for its community engagement and youth after-school programs.  The organization was founded in 1999 by Ian Franklin.

At the core of its non-boxing focus is emphasis on the impacts of early childhood trauma and anger.  As well as, provision of key and vital resources families can access to build positive and sustainable self-worth of great benefit to themselves and the communities in which they live.  Learn more about Project Fighting Chance programs. 

Over the years, Project Fighting Chance has teamed with numerous community partners and agencies to provide access to its award-winning boxing gym for critical thinking and fitness training, team building, trauma resilience, as well as, civic engagement.  Pledge your tax-deductible donation to support today.

As a youth growing up in San Bernardino and working through the challenges of being interracial in a non accepting environment, Ian quickly became susceptible to the gang lifestyle which had him in  and out of institutions. But through the intervention of God he and the birth of his son, he began a change that put him on the "right" path to assist youth from falling into the same dilemma that he fell victim to during his early years. "I finally had the desire to change, to become a positive aspect of my son’s development. This led me to develop a youth boxing program that has now become a major component of our programming."

His son, Malcom, whose birth set Ian on a new path in life, was part of the 2008 Olympic Team and a 4 time National Boxing Champion. That experience along with three other children, two daughters and a son, became his inspiration and motivation in life has been the reason, he states,  "made me a better man and role model for others."

The life changing mission and purpose spurred Ian into running a successful re-entry home program.  And, now through the assistance of local government programs he operates Project Fighting Chance facility. 

Backed by a progressive Board of Directors and volunteer staff, Project Fighting Chance has a physical center that provides life-lessons that change lives.

Project Fighting Chance is also featured in the documentary film "Hopefuls" produced by KVCR's The Empire Network.  And, is a designated San Bernardino Unified School District CAPS (after-school) program.