Project Fighting Chance

"Boxing is what we do.  Community is who we are."

"Project Fighting Chance works to find the best in you, we refine your strengths and challenge your weakness to make you a better athlete and an even better human being."  Ian Franklin, CEO 

Project Fighting Chance is proudly located at historic The Home of Neighborly Service:

  • Nationally ranked championship amateur boxing.
  • Afterschool enrichment program dedicated to the social-emotional needs of youth ages 8 - 18.
  • A trauma-informed service provider serving the inner-city community of San Bernardino and surrounding areas.
  • Recognized afterschool healthy meal and food provider to food insecure youth and families.
  • Provides mentoring, homework assistance, critical thinking, visual, literary and performing arts enrichment programs.
  • Founded in 1999 has assisted, trained and mentored nearly 6000 youth in fitness and healthy living.

Established as a vehicle to drive youth away from anti-social behavior and youth violence, Project Fighting Chance is a thriving youth and community resource working with families, schools, municipalities, business and multiple community agencies to reduce childhood violence, aggression and trauma through the disciplines of amateur boxing and social-emotional learning best practices.

Our Mission is to function as a viable safe space and trauma resilience support system for youth and young adults at-risk while assisting them to become positive contributing members of the community. 

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