Project Fighting Chance

"Boxing is what we do.  Community is who we are."

Corporate Partnering

As a business, you know the importance of employees having an efficient work environment to focus on productivity and outcomes.

As an organization, we know the importance of youth having sufficient and effective resources and caring individuals to help them emotionally prepare for life ahead.  Especially, those impacted by trauma.

As part of your company's Community Giving we would like Project Fighting Chance to be included as one of your organization's non-profit choice.

We are confident that our efforts to help reduce childhood aggression, violence and trauma today, will make for a more responsive and productive workforce in the future.

For our prospectus, please contact Mr. Terry Boykins at (909) 838-9117.  Or, e-mail us today for a prompt reply.

Despite their circumstances we know there exist a champion within every youth!  Watch "Hopefuls"