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Project Fighting Chance

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Effective April 1, 2020 from 4pm - 6pm, Monday - Friday, at 1263 Union St. San Bernardino, CA, Project Fighting Chance will provide up to sixty (60) pick-up and go "Sack-Supper" for children and youth ages 18 and under; parent or guardian pick-up required.

It is our objective to ensure that youth receive a nutritious meal beyond the time periods provided to them by their respective school district site location.

Please help contain the spread of Coronavirus by following important hygiene, sanitizing and social-distancing practices.

Thanks for being a prevention champion.  Lets "KO" COVID-19 together.

Project Fighting Chance, located at The Home of Neighborly Service, is a nationally ranked Championship Amateur Boxing Program enhanced by an after-school youth mentoring, homework, life skills and arts program.  Founded in 1999, the organization serves the inner-city community of San Bernardino and surrounding areas.

Established as a vehicle to drive youth away from anti-social behavior and youth violence, the organization is now a thriving resource benefiting families, schools and neighboring communities in an effort to reduce childhood violence, aggression and trauma through the disciplines of amateur boxing.

Also included in its after school enrichment program is an integrated model that provides athletics, healthy eating, vocational training, education and social emotional learning skills.

Since its inception, Project Fighting Chance has assisted, trained and mentored approximately 5000 youth between the ages of 8-18.

Our Mission is to function as a viable support system for youth and young adults at-risk while assisting them to become positive contributing members of the community.

"Boxing is what we do. Community is who we are." | 1263 Union Street | San Bernardino CA 92411