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Project Fighting Chance

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S.T.R.E.E.T.S.  is an acronym for Shepherds Training Reasoning & Encouraging Everyone Towards Success.  S.T.R.E.E.T.S. was formed to address the challenges that exist in low-income communities.  Our organization is comprised of individuals who embody deep compassion and love for all people and we work together to empower every person we encounter with information and tools that will lead them towards success.  Although we love all people and serve all people, we feel purposed to a specific calling to serve the downtrodden and/or under-served population.  We believe the duty of serving the under-served population is incumbent upon all who possess the intellectual fortitude, spiritual wellness and the wherewithal to serve.


Our objective is to reconstruct the infrastructure of the ghetto in order to change the predetermined trajectory of those born into and living in that environment.  It is an incontrovertible fact that atmosphere shapes character.  In addition, we know the ghetto is inundated with negative atmospheric mechanisms.  We believe the atmospheric norms in the ghetto can be transformed from negative to positive by injecting a high level of positive influence into the environment and it is our mission to accomplish such an endeavor. 

            We seek to address all of the obstacles hindering the majority of underprivileged youth and adults from achieving success such as: 1) Toxic thinking 2) Familial and community relationship dysfunction and/or collapse 3) Poverty 4) Inferior education 5) Mass incarceration with no rehabilitation 6) Lack of resources.


Each word in the S.T.R.E.E.T.S. acronym describes the methodology designed by our organization to address the needs of, and effectuate change in, socioeconomically challenged communities. 

  1. A Shepard is responsible for leading their flock in the right direction and protecting the flock from any threats.   The Shepard is the leadership component of our program.  As Shepard’s we must go into the community to implant and cultivate positive seeds and steer the people in the right direction.
  2. In order to empower the community we must train them spiritually, mentally and physically through cognitive reconstruction curriculum, education and tutoring, mentoring and life skills.
  3. Change can only begin at the point where the need for change is realized.  By reasoning with people through common sense principals we can lead them to a conclusion that change is necessary.
  4. Positive encouragement instills confidence in an individual which can lead to success in all one endeavors to accomplish.