Project Fighting Chance works to find the best in you, we refine your strengths and challenge your weakness to make you a better athlete and an even better human being...

As a youth growing up in San Bernardino and working through the challenges of being interracial in a non accepting environment, I quickly became susceptible to the gang lifestyle which had me in  and out of institutions. But through the intervention of God I received my son and that single act put me on the right path to assist youth from falling into the same dilemma I fell victim to during my early years. I finally had the desire to change, to become a positive aspect of my son’s development. This led me to develop a youth boxing program that has now become a major component of our programming.

My son, whose birth set me on a new path in life, who was part of the 2008 Olympic Team and a 4 time National Boxing Champion along with  my 3 other children, two daughters and a son, who are my inspiration and motivation in life have made me a better man and role model for others.

This spurred me into running a successful re-entry home program, and now through the assistance of City Council and the Parks & Recreation Department; I operate the Project Fighting Chance facility. Myself along with a progressive Board of Directors and volunteer staff, we now have a center that provides life-lessons that change lives. 

The meaning of the proverb 'it takes a village to raise a child' is simply that. It takes more than one person to teach a child the ways of life. A child comes upon many different experiences and circumstances during their life and often times, is taught by someone else the right and wrong thing to do.